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Willow Smith Shaved Her Head to Teach Her Dad a Lesson in Parenting

Will Smith and daughter Willow

As a part of the promotion for his new album, legendary rapper and business, man Jay-Z has been sharing “Footnotes,” mini documentaries that accompany each new video release from 4:44. And in “Footnotes for Adnis,” Jay and some other big name celebrities, including Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and comedian Chris Rock, discuss their experiences with fatherhood, both as children and parents. The video is unsurprisingly emotional and one of the most insightful moments comes from none other than the Fresh Prince himself: Will Smith. In “Footnotes”, Smith shares a story about his daughter that forced him to look at himself and the man who raised him.

The story involves Smith’s daughter Willow and her hit song “Whip My Hair.” After the song blew up, Willow began touring, but she quickly realized she just wanted to go home. Only five concerts into…

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