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Why citation tracking startup Memosnag left Silicon Valley for Nebraska

Above: According to data from the Greater Omaha Chamber, entrepreneurs in Omaha make $63,000 more on average than they would on the coasts.

On Christmas Eve of 2015, Kim Perkins was helping to unpack a moving truck that had just brought her family from California to Omaha. Perkins and her husband, Lorenzo Staunovo Polacco, moved to the Midwest in the heart of winter to pursue their tech careers in the Silicon Prairie.

“We decided to move to Omaha as Lorenzo switched back to managing Global Finance for Yahoo, and I opened the C1X office here in the Exchange building on the 8th floor,” said Perkins. “I made the argument that there was something out here.”

Earlier in 2015, Perkins was working as the Chief Product Officer and Business Development lead at C1X, and Lorenzo was running Ad Operations while working on his MBA. The idea for their first startup, Memosnag, came about while he was tracking citations for his online research.

“He was having trouble and asking his classmates from around the globe what they were doing to make sure they got their citations right, and there wasn’t a good answer,” said Perkins. “Memosnag was born from that question and since then, we’ve been working on a product and trying to grow users simultaneously.”

While Perkins was working at C1X, taking on many roles within the company and getting into the entrepreneurial flow, Polacco was making strides with Memosnag. Having been dividing her time between the two companies, Perkins made the jump over to Memosnag full-time in May 2017.

“I’m very confident that Memosnag is making people’s lives better…

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