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Why Breastfeeding Moms Will Be Spending Even More of Their Money at Target

It’s hard to find a person who dislikes Target. From endless aisles of affordable essentials to fashion collaborations that let anyone with $20 to spare own designer clothes (that is, if they’re willing to wait in line for a good four hours before the store opens), it’s the definition of one-stop shopping at its best. So, when we heard that a blurry photo from the pages of Target’s employee handbook had gone viral, and that the image outlined its internal policy on breastfeeding, we were nervous we’d see a darker side of our beloved retailer.

Nope! The photo — which was first posted on the Mama’s Milkies Facebook page before making its way to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook group — proved once and for all how amazing Target is to its customers, those nursing in particular. Not only does the company, in bold print no less, support the act, but it clearly encourages moms to nurse…

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