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UPDATE: Mom Sues United After Being Forced To Hold Toddler On 3-Hour Flight

Toddler boy sitting in United Airlines plane seat

A United Airlines passenger held her child on her lap for the duration of a 3-hour flight in late June—and it wasn’t for the sake of saving money on a ticket. In fact, the 2-year-old boy had his own $1,000 ticket, but the airline gave his seat away to another passenger. Now, that mom is filing a lawsuit “to keep United Airlines from doing this to other passengers.”

It was “unsafe, uncomfortable and unfair,” Shirley Yamauchi tells The Huffington Post. “He was barely buckled in for nearly four hours.”

Yamauchi was traveling from Hawaii to Boston with her son, Taizo, but didn’t run into problems until the connecting flight in Houston. The gate attendant scanned both of their tickets and they boarded the plane. But once they were seated, a standby passenger approached their row with a ticket for Taizo’s seat.

“The flight attendant, when I let her know that these were my seats, she came back and told me that the flight is full, and she shrugged, and that was the end of it,” Yamauchi tells ABC News. She added that because she “didn’t want to cause a scene,” she held Taizo in her lap.

“I didn’t want [Taizo] hurt, especially. I, of course, feared my personal safety, with everything I’ve seen with United Airlines,” she says, referring to the April incident when David Dao was dragged off a United flight after a confrontation with airport security….

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