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Toddler Wet Herself After a Flight Attendant Banned Her From the “Business Class” Bathroom

Hearing airline horror stories has become increasingly common, but those that involve the mistreatment of children take things to a different level. Instead of dealing with breast milk issues during security, getting kicked out of their seats, or dealing with a midair meltdown, one grandma flying alone with a toddler experienced the unimaginable when an Air Canada flight attendant refused to let the child just use a bathroom.

According to Stacey Osmond, her 2-year-old granddaughter was forced to wet herself during a recent flight and sit in her own urine after a flight attendant banned the little girl from the business class restroom during their five-and-a-half-hour flight. Ruby and her grandmother were flying from Nova Scotia to Calgary during the incident.

Stacey explained that she purposefully picked their seats near the business class bathrooms because she knew that her granddaughter would need to make more than one trip during their journey. “The second or third time I tried to take Ruby to the bathroom, the flight attendant told me, ‘I can’t have you coming up here anymore,'” Stacey told CBC News. “I said, ‘She’s a baby. I was given those seats…

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