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The 40-Hour Work Week Remains a Myth as Americans Take Work Home

stressed man working from home

American workers can’t get jobs done in a 40-hour work week, according to a new report. Data from the American Working Conditions Survey (AWCS) by the Rand Corporation suggests that employees hired at all levels in the U.S. workforce are pressured, stressed, and frequently interrupted, resulting in the necessity to complete tasks during personal time. The report offers further proof that full-time employment fitting neatly into 8 hour days is increasingly a myth.

Given the Rand survey data, it will likely not come to a surprise to most working men and women that one in four feel they have too little time to do the work they’ve been assigned. That translates into about half of the AWCS respondents reporting that they take work home at least some of the time in order to meet employer demands and tight deadlines. Another upshot of the amount of work and the lack of time? Only 57 percent of those surveyed said they were able to take breaks at work.

So why is the 40-hour…

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