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ProBeat: I can’t wait to watch TV on Facebook

Facebook this week announced Watch, a new tab dedicated to watching (oh, my, how clever) shows on the social network. This isn’t the first time the company has attempted to take on traditional television, Netflix, and YouTube. But this time, I’m genuinely excited about the potential.

So, what’s different with Facebook’s latest push? I don’t care that Watchlist is basically a copy of YouTube’s subscription feature or that its various categories replicates Netflix’s sections of what to watch. I expected these — we’ve seen Facebook do video before, and the company knows how to push the envelope when it comes to video features.

The real game-changer will be the type of content we’re told to expect. Facebook has mentioned reality shows, comedy skits, motivational talks, documentaries, and live sports.

I don’t care for reality TV, but I’m sure it will be popular. The next three we’ve already seen on Facebook, and they’ve all seen relative success. Watch will leverage videos already on the social network to push new content created by partners. But the last item in the list is the most exciting.

I would love to see Facebook and Twitter battle over watching live sports. People will go where the content is.

Facebook emphasized that shows on Watch can be either “live or recorded.” Sports stands out as a content type…

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