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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds updates are going to slow down

Bluehole Studio has updated its last-person-standing shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 14 times since launching it in late March, but the developer is now planning to slow down that cadence. In a blog post today, the Battlegrounds development team explained that its schedule of updating the game on a weekly basis with major updates going live every month are causing more problems than they are fixing. In response, Bluehole plans to give every patch more time so that it can release more substantial and polished features to its megapopular online combat sim.

Battlegrounds is still in Steam’s Early Access portal for unfinished games, so a slower pace for updates may frighten some fans who have purchased into the game for $30 before it has reached its full retail release. Many diehard players who have hundreds of hours (and I’m not talking about myself here) are waiting for the vaulting update. That patch, which adds the ability to climb onto and over obstacles, never had release timeline, but Bluehole confirmed that it is…

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