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Parents Online Can’t Agree If This ‘Suggested’ Bedtime Chart For Kids Is Right

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting. This is the case because, quite simply, every person (and by extension, every child or baby) is different. We all have different needs and requirements in order to function to the best of our ability on a daily basis.

Though we have our differences, we can all agree on one thing: sleep is very, very important. Those who deal with insomnia know just how true that is.

But kids and bedtimes are a sensitive topic — which explains why so many parents can’t stop talking about this chart suggesting bedtimes for kids.

Scroll through to find out why parents feel so strongly about this chart!

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Sleep is essential for any human, but particularly for young children. It’s during sleep that their bodies and minds can rest up and retain the energy they need to grow and thrive properly.

But as any mom is well aware, not all kids love to go to sleep exactly when you tell them to. Sometimes, it’s quite the battle to get your child to stop watching TV, put down their book, or turn off their music long enough to fall asleep!

So, exactly how many hours a night should a child be sleeping?

bedtime chart

Creative Child Magazine shared a chart on their Facebook page listing out suggested bedtimes. The chart has listed bedtimes for kids according to their age, ranging from 2-year-old toddlers to 18-year-old teenagers.

At the time of writing and since the chart was shared on August 4, 2017, it has been shared over 6,400 times and commented on nearly 500 times.

The reactions to the suggested times are mixed, to say the least.

bedtime chart

It’s important to note that this chart isn’t backed by any specific or cited scientific study.

According to the Facebook post, the chart was sourced from Mommy Moment, a parenting blog run by blogger Jody Arsenault.

Jody created and shared the suggested bedtime chart alongside a post with 10 tips to help your child fall asleep.

But many parents disagreed with Jody’s suggestions.

bedtime comment

One popular comment pointed out that, while this chart might work generally, kids have varying sleeping needs — particularly depending on whether the child naps more or less frequently (or doesn’t nap at all) during the day.

Some kids give up mid-day naps earlier than others. Others need to nap in order to keep crankiness at bay!

Others were a bit more harsh in their assessments.

bedtime comment

One woman named Christy flat-out called the chart “ridiculous,” saying that 11:00pm isn’t an appropriate bedtime for anyone, let alone 18 year old kids.

bedtime comment

Another mom named Nichola commented that her 1-year-old babies sleep from 5:30 until 6:30 the next morning. That means her kids are clocking in at around 11 hours of sleep every night — in addition to “2 good naps during the day.”

Wow! I sure wish I could sleep that much.

Nichola’s comment elicited a lot of surprise and shock from…

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