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Officers Taken To Hospital After Responding To Fentanyl Overdoses

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A car crash related to drug overdose in Chelsea sent three police officers to the hospital after rescuing the casualties. Reports say fentanyl was involved. ( Pixabay )

Three Chelsea police officers were taken to the hospital after responding to a car crash involving three men suspected of drug overdose along Williams Street on the morning of Aug. 4.

The incident began with a rear-end collision and ended in a hazmat protocol after first responders suspected three males in their late 20s to early 30s of drug overdose and administered first aid. It ended with the three first responders experiencing symptoms of overdose after being exposed to suspected fentanyl found in a cigarette box inside the vehicle.

Both overdose patients and first responders ended up in the hospital for exposure to the drug fentanyl.

A Car Collision That Escalated Quickly

According to reports, a slow-moving gold minivan was involved in a rear-end collision and the driver of the other vehicle they rear-ended suspected that drugs were involved when she went to confront the minivan driver and found that the three male occupants in the vehicle were unresponsive.

The police and fire departments were called into the scene and, after verifying the other driver’s suspicion, a first lieutenant…

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