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New Moms Pose For Photos To Fight Back Against Breastfeeding Stigmas

Breastfeeding is just one of the many incredible things a woman’s body can do when she becomes a mother, but many new moms face scrutiny and stares in public when their child is hungry and they need to feed them.

But being the powerful, fierce women that they are, moms aren’t taking this criticism lightly, and some have decided to get together and fight back.

In a photo series organized by Tennessee photographer Nicki Kaylor, nine moms banned together to showcase some of the hateful things that have been spewed at them while breastfeeding.

“Through any catty remarks, [these women] still stand PROUDLY nursing,” wrote Nicki. “If you see a mother nursing her child in public, please do not approach her with rude words. Smile and continue on your way or…

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