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Midland Co. Horse Dies After Struggling Against West Nile Virus, Cases On The Rise

“I don’t think I would be able to bear it,” says Megan Helm, a horse owner who boards her animals in Midland County. “I know the pain.”

Mounting concern has Midland County horse owners keeping a very watchful eye on the animals, a week after one was infected with West Nile Virus.

That horse, found in Greendale Township, had to be put down.

Another horse also tested positive in Mecosta County and is being treated.

Midland County Mosquito Control says the signs point to an increase in the virus in their area.

9&10’s Cody Boyer has the story.


“We have seen an unusually high amount of West Nile Virus activity this season,” says Carl Doud, Director of Midland County Mosquito Control.

Doud says the tiny bug with West Nile infected a Greendale Township horse and more than a dozen birds.

“The virus has jumped out beyond that and is now infecting other hosts such as horses, and potentially even humans,” Doud says. “People that study the virus don’t know exactly why, for some reason, some years it’s higher in activity than others, so it’s a lot of speculative as far as that goes. But we have seen that there is indications of the virus being very active this year.”

Researchers are picking through mosquitoes and using traps to learn more.

“With the floods that we had in June led to very high populations of mosquitoes and so that could…

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