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If Parenting Were A Job, Here’s How Many Hours You’d Be Working

Mom on computer as toddler sits on her lap
A study says what you already know – you’re on the clock all the time.

If you’re a working mom and feel like you’re doing at least two full-time jobs, new research shows that your hunch is very much spot-on.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Welch’s (that’s right, the juice people), when you classify parenting duties as work, the average employed mom works 98 hours a week, from around 6:23 a.m. until around 8:31 p.m. That’s almost 14 hours a day, leaving 10 for sleep and leisure time.

The survey talked to around 2,000 mothers with children from ages 5 to 12, although it stands to reason that it applies to moms of younger kids too. Moms said that they only got a little over an hour of time to themselves per day, and 40 percent…

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