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Game Of Thrones: What If Tyrion Is Just Good At Talking?

What is going on with Tyrion?

Until recently, Tyrion Lannister was the smartest and sharpest character in Game of Thrones. He was cunning, determined and effective, but then something happened to him, and in seasons 6 and 7 he has been on a horrible losing streak.

Fail after fail after fail.

And this was supposed to be his time. He finally found a queen worthy of his considerable talents. It was supposed to be easy, instead of constant in-fighting in the court in King’s Landing, he now has the ear of the ruler, as well as her respect.

So what happened? In seasons past he wiggled himself out of being thrown through the Moon Door, talked himself out of having his man parts thrown to the goats by the Vale’s Hill Tribes whom he actually managed to recruit to protect him, he persuaded his dad to appoint him Hand of the King, then went on to discard traitors and double agents in King’s Landing, was instrumental in winning the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and later fled a death sentence, killed his dad-nemesis and in Esso turned himself from a slave in chains to the Dragon Queen’s go-to man, with a huge army at his disposal.

That’s a pretty impressive CV. But it’s been all downhill from there. Last season he cut a deal with the slavers in Mereen, and they played him for a fool until Daenerys came over with her dragons to save the day. This season he persuaded Daenerys to lay siege on King’s Landing, which resulted in the Dornish and Ironborn fleets destroyed, and later he fumbled his western campaign when he sent the Unsullied to Casterly Rock while his brother and sister took Highgarden from right under his scarred nose.

So should we attribute the sudden change in fortunes to bad writing in the HBO show? Or maybe Tyrion’s true strength is not his mind but rather…

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