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Gambitious rebrands as Good Shepherd to invest in the indie game revival

Gambitious started out a few years ago as a crowdfunding platform for indie games. Now the company is rebranding itself as Good Shepherd Entertainment with the goal of gathering more investors and funding quality independent titles.

Good Shepherd cofounder Mike Wilson said that Gambitious did OK raising money from a network of investors and making profitable, smaller PC games. But it didn’t have a lot of resources, and the same group of executives focused more of their attention on Devolver Digital, which has become a successful indie game publisher. Wilson is preparing to focus most of his time on building out Good Shepherd to invest in external teams.

“The company is called Good Shepherd because that is what we have to be,” said Wilson, who is also a cofounder of Devolver. “We have to take care of the investors’ money. We hope to make the games more polished with our production team and do a better job marketing. It was miraculous this company did as well as it did. That was the reason we decided to raise some money and lean into it.”

Gambitious stated in the Netherlands in 2011. Train Fever and Transport Fever were the most successful Gambitious games, while the best known were Hard West, Hard Reset, and Zombie Night Terror.

“They weren’t breakout hits, but they found an audience,” Wilson said.

Good Shepherd will also have its headquarters in the Netherlands, but Wilson, who recently moved from Austin, Texas, to British Columbia, said the team will be spread out throughout the world. Good Shepherd has had an infusion of new capital from…

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