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Chuck E Cheese’s Creepy Animatronic Band is Breaking Up

There was a time, eons ago in the ’90s, when Chuck E Cheese’s was the epicenter of kid’s entertainment, proudly hosting kid’s birthdays and family fun nights full of ski ball, slices of oily pizza, and a swingin’ animatronic band that annoyed parents but was beloved by kids. But those days are long gone and now Chuck E Cheese’s has become a shell of its former self, struggling to figure out how to keep their customers satisfied. The company tried to appeal to adults by adding beer to the menu but probably realized that mid-priced long necks couldn’t wash down the stale feeling. How are they planning to do that? By breaking up the band.

Chief Executive Tom Leverton announced that Chuck E Cheese’s would be undergoing a complete revamp of the brand that will feature open kitchens, toned down colors, and no more robotic animals. These changes will start in…

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