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Chester Bennington Mural Stops Traffic on the 101 Freeway in L.A.

If you’re stuck in traffic trying to get on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles, you may be able to take a few moments to gaze upon a familiar face.

A 20-foot mural of Chester Bennington, Linkin Park‘s frontman who died at age 41 last month, has been painted on the back of the new Sherman Oaks branch of the rock-themed pizza restaurant Rock’n Pies. The artwork is visible from the on-ramp to the typically clogged northbound section of the 101 freeway on Coldwater Canyon Avenue, south of Riverside Drive.

“I’d been seeing that big blank wall from the 101 and thought it would be good for something,” artist Jonas Never told Variety in comments posted Tuesday. “When I heard Chester died, I immediately thought of that wall because I knew some of the…

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