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5 reasons every young tech entrepreneur needs a mentor

5 reasons every young tech entrepreneur needs a mentor

The startup life is both exhilarating and exhausting in almost equal measure. One of the things people often find is that there are certain points where they are simply unaware of how to proceed ,specially young entrepreneurs !

Because of that and more, having someone experienced in the industry who you can rely on for advice is a great choice. Now, let us see five of the top reasons every young tech entrepreneur needs a mentor

1.Get access to a wealth of real-world experience

Today, startups can access an incredible amount of information, much of which can be very helpful to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those not well-versed in business practices.

While you can read up on many things and watch TED talks and presentations, nothing compares to getting advice from someone who has actual experience in your current industry. There are some things which you will simply not find anywhere except from a real live person, and that is one of the most crucial things to understand.

Of course, not every mentor will be able to provide these things. One thing that some startups do is fail to understand that certain formulas are only applicable in certain situations, and the same things applies to mentors.

In that sense, the very experience of the mentor you are seeking is a vital component to consider. You need someone who has knowledge of your industry, the current trends, and everything else that will help you in your niche.

Of course, finding someone like that is not an easy process, but quality is something that you should never be skimping on.

If you are a student then platform like Goodwall Mentors are a good place to start, particularly if you are still in the planning phases. That is because they can give you access to people with real-world experience without you having to invest anything.

2.More networking opportunities than previously possible

Any successful mentor will have established a very decent network before they even think of offering advice to any startup. This is a huge problem for startups worldwide. Even if you have a great product, good connections are an invaluable…

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