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You Can Now Check Your Hospital’s C-Section Rate On Yelp

Screenshot of Yelp maternity care rating

It’s not news that the c-section rate in the United States has been going up — but it is news how wildly those rates can vary depending on where you live. A Consumer Reports study in May revealed that low-risk hospitals in different states can have dramatically different rates. In a state like California, the c-section rate for low-risk deliveries can vary from 10 percent to 70 percent, depending on the hospital. But this kind of data can be hard to get your hands on, especially when you’re trying to compare hospitals for when baby arrives.

Yelp wants to try to help fix this problem. The company announced on Wednesday that it will start displaying c-section rates and other maternal health data on the pages of 250 California hospitals with delivery units. This is thanks to a new partnership with the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) and Cal Hospital Compare, which CHCF launched to lower the state’s c-section rate for low-risk women, according to Yelp spokesperson Shannon Eis.

Although the c-section rate is the focus of the initiative, there will be…

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