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Maple Lake Family in Mourning after Infection Kills One Child, Hospitalizes Another

A Maple Lake family – the mother a Monticello High School graduate – is in mourning after a rare infection from E.Coli bacteria has taken the life of her daughter and left her son in a battle at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital.

Kade & Kallan's Medical Expenses by Samantha Olinger - GoFundMe

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Kallan Maresh, 4, died July 15 due to complications known as HUS – Hemolyic Uremic Syndrome – which attacks the kidneys and other organs. According to Kallan’s mother, Tyffani, the infection, which can be caused by the E.Coli bacteria, attacked her kidneys, nervous system and heart. She died in her parents’ arms.

The battle continues for her brother, Kade, who is still at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. According to a CaringBridge site, Kade’s kidneys had stopped functioning and he was losing blood and dehydrated. But he…

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